Thursday, 26 February 2009

A couple of soaps

The creamy coloured one is a wonderful soft vanilla, and the "brocade" soap is scented with a lovely soft fragrance called "enchantment".
Both are made using the traditional cold process method.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Cabled beaded bracelet

Made this for Mum using 2mm cube beads and Ndebele herringbone stitch with a cable twist!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Knicker draw scenters

These are cute little organza bags filled with either lavender, rosebuds or other flower petals and scented accordingly. Ideal for putting in your knicker drawer or anywhere else that you would like scented. Also ideal as car air freshners.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Hello World!

So, Totallydotty – well who on earth are they?
What are they all about? What do they have to say?
What do they do, and why are they here?
Well, pull up a chair and lend us an ear.

We’re two dotty women, just a touch over 40
We’re usually good, but we can be a bit naughty
We’ve a good sense of humour and we like a good laugh
Yet one lives “oop north” and the other “dahn sarf”.

We met on a forum, for things natural and soapy
And we’ve both learnt a lot (‘cos we’re both a bit dopey)
We do other things too and love to learn a new craft
And sometimes things don’t get finished, ‘cos we both go a bit daft.

Between us we make a wide variety of things
There are beautiful quilts and real crystal rings
Gorgeous things with dried roses, and crochet and knitting
And then there’s masses of soap so we’re rarely seen sitting.

So, just what is the problem? We can hear you all cry
Well, we just love making stuff but we’re a little bit shy
About selling our stuff, it’s ALL handmade you know
But we’re dithering about how to get it on show

We thought we’d help each other out and make ourselves known
We’ll blog stuff together, because it’s hard on your own
To keep it light, fun and dotty – well that is our aim
If it works out ok we might get our 5 minutes of fame.